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Media as featured in Nexus

Media was an EP released by indietronic project luna spark in 2002.


  1. Ninety Nine
  2. Rachmaninov
  3. Moving Target
  4. State Of Mind
  5. We're Not In Love
  6. Over the Rainbow

Tracks #1-5 written by tracey exenola, #6 by H. Arlen and E.Y. Harburg.


Media was released in early/mid 2002, on a limited number of CDs and to the internet in MP3 form. Once again taking luna spark to the #1 spot on's indie chart, Media was a step up from the previous year's Sarah - more guitars, live bass, guest vocals, rap sections and heavy distortion were all embraced on Media, as opposed to the previous thin, synthetic pop/indie sound. Surprise 'hit' came in the form of Over the Rainbow, a completely unfaithful rendition of the Wizard Of Oz classic, rendered halfway between New Order and the Primal Scream by way of Run DMC.

Media was the first luna spark release recorded entirely on digital equipment. All the guitars were done in a single afternoon, and all the vocals (bar the Catatonic Spacette and parts of We're Not In Love) were done in one evening. Some of the programming dates back to the initial sessions for Sarah.

The cover photo was taken by tracey exenola during an anti-capitalism protest march in Auckland, September 11, 2000. Unfortunately, at this time, a better scan doesn't exist.


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