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Koma (a.k.a. The K.O or The Knock Out; real name Charles Ngakoma Conner) is an MC in 4 Corners and Villains. He has also released material as a solo artist, and has contributed to songs by major New Zealand hip hop artists. His first hip hop crew was B.O.P (Brown Onehundred Percent) in 1994, followed by Endoley in 1995, and then Aziz in 1996. He joined Time Bandits in 1997, which included Omega B, who he went on to form 4 Corners with.

Releases and Contributions

  • Big Things by P Money, featuring Mareko, Patriarch, Koma, Hepaklypz, Hazaduz, Unique, Tyna, Savage, Che-Fu and Scribe, appears on the 2003 album Big Things
  • Who Betta than This (remix) by PNC, featuring Scribe, Dave Dallas, Young Sid, Louie Knuxx, Koma and Mareko, appears on the 2007 PN Whoa! single

  • Releases as part of 4 Corners can be seen on their page

External Links

Koma MySpace page

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