Trade Secrets

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Trade Secrets

Debut album released by Dubious Bros. 2002, Shock Records.


  1. Intro
  2. The Accident (Feat. Mareko of Deceptikonz, Te Ata and JB aka Starborn)
  3. Dubious Style (Listen) (Feat. Hau Of Koolism & Ryth)
  4. 3rd Eyesight (Feat. 4 Corners and Te Ata)
  5. Lonely Skies
  6. Johnny & Jenny (Feat. Marcus Of Native Sons)
  7. Who Got Flow ? (Feat. Muse Of Digital Penetration & JB aka Starborn)
  8. Rage (Feat. DJ Sirvere)
  9. Lisa (Feat. Te Ata)
  10. The Makers (Feat. JB aka Starborn & Te Ata)
  11. The Future (Feat. Wordperfect and Koma Of 4 Corners)
  12. Trade Secrets
  13. Enhanced CD Rom