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Vein Labour cover art

Jono Jack is a singer, songwriter and guitar player, originally from Rotorua. In 1989 he released an album called Vein Labour, recorded at Tandys_Studios, on Luke Hurley’s Lotus label. The album included the song Make it Real which was included on the HUM Sampler 92 compilation. While in New Zealand he fronted the bands Number Thieves, Simon Pure and PD Corp, which contained members that went on to Hamilton bands. Around 1995 Jack moved to Europe, initially to Sweden. In 2001, he recorded a 5 song solo CD EP titled Walkabout Soundtrack, and later fronted the band Jono Jack and the Immigrants of Art, who produced an album titled Blister. More recently he has been based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he has two bands, Roboslut and ChiefXX, and continues to play acoustic solo gigs in pubs.

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