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J.B.C., short for Jazz, Blues Concept, opened in March 1997 and was located in the basement of a building formerly used as a pool hall just off Victoria St (270 Victoria St), opposite Collingwood St. Although initially intended to be a venue specialising in jazz and blues (and with regular "concept" evenings for poetry readings and other performance pieces), it soon diversified to bands of different genres. The venue was run by Ivan Muir.

Its diversification proved to also be its downfall, however, as with louder bands came more frequent complaints from the upstairs Portobello restaurant. Business became tricky, and a downward spiral ensued with the loss of the venue's liquor license. Eventually it was forced to close.

The death throes were drawn-out and painful. During 2000, having upset brewery after brewery before finally having to stock "Kahikatea Brew", Ivan was finally forced to declare the bar "Juice Bar Cafe", and only stock juice. Eventually, Ivan was sleeping in the green room and providing a space for young christian bands as an underage venue. A quote from the next tennants spoke volumes about JBCs decline: "No guitar will ever enter here again".

In its prime, J.B.C. was a comfortable place to watch music, providing you were there early enough to get a couch, and it wasn't too crowded.

After J.B.C. closed the same venue was reborn as a dance club, first as Move in 2000, then as Motion, and later became Catalyst, Flow and Nivara Lounge.

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