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I was under the impression the 'C' stood for 'Concept'. Sounds odd, but yeah. -- 23:38, 19 June 2006 (BST)

I think you are right... i added the short comment under the idea that if i write something, someone will come and fix/add/change it! And I have now found it on a website with "concept" (dugganaut)

Yeah, I didn't want to change it incase I was wrong. Whoever you are, you seem to know a lot, so I didn't wanna step on your toes :) -danduran

Fuck toes, JBC was and remains the only dedicated venue hamilton has known recently. Respect needs to be given to Ivan for throwing a bunch of years of his life and Dollars into something wonderful. Rumpus Room, Schrodingers Cat, The Grinners, Handsome Geffery, Sequester, and many many more local bands learned alot from gigging there and it will always be sorely missed.