Huge Industrial Artsnob

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Kent Ericksen, Mike Hall, Dave Sykes, Martin Fisher and Liz Bigwood, Nexus, 2 March 1987

Huge Industrial Art Snob began in 1984 as Worst Kind of Artsnob, featuring poet Michael Robert de Zouche Hall (a.k.a. Mike Hall) and musician Jeff Howe, and played at performance cafes. They were later joined by Kent Ericksen. They released the track Koyanisquatsi on the 1987 compilation Suicide City 86-87. They later released the track Trains on Surf Music in 1989 and again on Discordia Concors in 1993 (recorded in 1987), at which time the lineup was Mike Hall (vocals), Martin Fisher (keyboards), Kent Ericksen (guitar), Stacey Franklin (acoustic guitar) and David Sykes (acoustic guitar). Other members have included Elizabeth Bigwood (drums), Nicholas Bowskill (backing vocals) and Grant Mitchell (jew's harp).

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