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The Hamilton Town Band or Hamilton Municipal Band was Hamilton's official symphonic band that existed from the late-1800s, as The Hamilton Band prior to 1903, until December 1912, when it became the 16th (Waikato) Regimental Band.

From September 1903, Mr A.E. Savage became the bandmaster. The Waikato Times reported that, prior to this time, "the band had fallen into a condition of which it is perhaps just as well not to attempt any description". Within a few months of Savage taking over as bandmaster, the Town Band achieved third place in the open competition in band selections in a band competition in Rotorua. The band did not fare so well in 1905, with only nine members attending (all other bands numbered 24), while having old out-of-date instruments was also a handicap. Savage retired as bandmaster in 1905, leaving Hamilton for Rotorua. He was succeeded by Thomas Booth, previously the bandmaster of the Hauraki Band, of Thames.

The Band regularly played in Victoria Street, Sydney Square (later known as Steele Park), Volunteer Hall and at the hospital for the patients. The band needed to regularly play to raise money to support itself throughout its existence. In 1912, the band applied to the Borough Council for money to buy new instruments to allow them to play at competitions, as it was deemed it was impossible with the existing ones. Later in the year they appealed to residents for funds, while steps began to be made to become a military band as an adjunct to the 16th Waikato Regiment. Talk of becoming a battalion band began in 1904, which at the time they turned down. In December 1912 they became the 16th (Waikato) Regimental Band, although a number of instrumentalists claimed they were part of the band until 1916.

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  • Arthur E. Savage - Bandmaster, 1902-1905
  • Thomas B. Booth - Bandmaster, 1906-1910
  • Henry W. Salmon (tenor) - cornet, 1904-191?, Bandmaster ~1911
  • W. King - 1904
  • George Stone - 1904
  • William Q. Tristram - 1904
  • P. Stone - 1904
  • W. Walker - 1904
  • S. Thorne - 1904
  • R. Webber - 1904
  • L. Munro - baritone, 1904
  • George Holloway - 1904
  • John Taylor - trombone, 1904-1916
  • Henry E. Tristram - euphonium, 1904
  • John M. Enerson - 1904
  • Joe Munro - 1904
  • B. Munro - euponium, 1906
  • J.M. Brookes - 1904
  • A. Hope - 1904
  • James Wheeler - 1907-1916
  • L.H. McKenzie
  • Hugh C. Morrison - 1910-1912
  • J. Devery
  • Vincent Sittauer - 1913-1916
  • A.H. Whitaker
  • C.A. Donn
  • William J. Kemp - 1916
  • Cprl. B. Lawn - 1912
  • Arthur Haybittle - tenor horn, 1912
  • Alfred Harvey - 1912
  • George Smith - G Flat Horn, 1906

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