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Glow Globs, Nexus March 1986

Glow Globs were formed in mid-1985, with the first stable lineup featuring Kim Newth (guitar, vocals), Chris Ambrose (bass, synthesiser) and Duncan Christie (drums, synthesiser). They were named after a type of luminescent silly putty. In 1985-86 they played Orientation gigs at both Auckland and Waikato Universities, as well as parties and other gigs at the usual local venues of the time such as the Hillcrest, Uncle Sams, and Downstairs Oranga. The tracks Inside/Outside and Disaster appear on the Suicide City 86-87 compilation, recorded with Rob Warner (drums). At different times other band members were Mike Olsen (1986: guitar, vocals) and Lyn Kenworthy (1985: drums).

Newth and Ambrose ended up in Christchurch, releasing the album Rainy Day Prizes under the name Animacula in early 2000.

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