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By Popular Demand, the Death of Gawj cover

Punk/Grindcore band formed in 2005, and originally called Upsett. They changed the name after original members, Dane, Sean and Gabe, opened Upsett Records. In 2007 they released a limited run album of demo quality songs on CDR called 17 Shocks Terror. This was followed in 2008 with By Popular Demand, the Death of Gawj. In 2009 they also released a 13 minute, 15 song 7", titled So Far Away from Giving a Fuck that we can't be Seen. A track from the album, All Burn Together, appears on the 2009 Munt FM Compilation. The band split up in late 2009.


  • Dane - Bass/Vocals
  • Zane - Lead Guitar
  • Brad - Guitar
  • Sean - Drums
  • Kaleb - Vocals
  • Gabe - Guitar
  • James - Guitar

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Gawj MySpace Page

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