Battle of the Bands 1993

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The 1993 Battle of the Bands was run by Contact 89FM and held at the Hillcrest Tavern. Bands are listed in the order they played, with the winners of each heat denoted with an asterisk(*).

Heat 1 - May 24
Dribbly Cat Attraction*
The Nerve

Heat 2 - May 31
Love and Violence
The Pilgrims*

Heat 3 - June 7
3 on a Meathook
Swamp Goblin*
The Clap

Heat 4 - June 14
Death of a Monkey*
Romantic Andes*
Dream Mary
Thunder Monkey

Heat 5 - June 22
5 Girls
Diablo Libido
The Postlethwaites*

Final - June 28
Romantic Andes
Dribbly Cat Attraction
The Pilgrims - SECOND
The Postlethwaites
Swamp Goblin - FIRST
Death of a Monkey - THIRD

Death of a Monkey and Romantic Andes were joint winners of heat 4