Acoustic Pop

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An EP by Jah'na, self-released in 2001. Produced by Graham Rogerson.


Confusingly, Acoustic Pop was the first and only release by Jah'na, as such, but was actually just founding members Mark Tupuhi and Pete Fountain playing acoustic versions of the band's set, recorded in 2001 after the rest of the band had already left.

That said, it was in fact their second release, but their self-titled debut had been released under the name of Jhana, not Jah'na. To make matters more confusing, Acoustic Pop was then re-released in 2002 as the Why We Hate Decaff (and assorted tales) debut EP by St Lucy.


  1. This Disease
  2. Ian's Song
  3. Gail's Song
  4. Tidal Breath (Acoustic)
  5. Denial
  6. Morning Gladhouse
  7. Last Song For Rebecca Richardson