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Vision College is a division of ATC NZ, a Hamilton based company specialising in training and education. Established in 1998, Vision College began as a Bible school (then known as Vision Leadership College) founded by the Apostolic Church. Courses on offer soon branched out to a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Christian Music), English, Counselling, Web Design, Early Childhood Education among others.

The Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Christian Music) degree at Vision College contains a mix of academic and performance papers. Over three years students study their chosen major (Vocals, Instrument or Songwriting), Fundamentals of Music (Theory, Aural Skills and Basic Keyboard Skills), History of Western Music, History of Popular Music, History of Contemporary Christian Music, Ensemble (band performance), Audio Engineering (Live and Studio), Worship and Theology, among other courses. While some papers contain theological aspects, secular music is also a major part of the curriculum. Subsequntly, students may wish to omit the "Contemporary Christian Music" subtitle from the name of the qualification.

Hamilton musicians Brett Wilson (Broken Harmonium), Caleb Driver (Fly by Wire) and Nick Kraenzlin (Eshalon) are Vision College tutors, while Hamilton band Eshalon is comprised of former Vision College students.