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Theta Productions was the sound production company set-up by producers Dave Whitehead (ex-Requiem and Cygnet Committee) and Dave Lowndes (also formerly of Requiem) during the early-mid '90s. They had previously been members of the Terror Couple collective, who recorded and released the first compilation of Hamilton music (also called Terror Couple). In 1992 Whitehead had also been responsible for recording and coordinating the compilation Juice Extractor.

Theta Productions' own studio equipment was an 8-track reel-to-reel integrated with various digital and analog facilities but they also contracted to a variety of larger studios in and around Hamilton, as well as specialising in mobilised field recording. They recorded several Hamilton bands during the mid '90s including Gas (whom Lowndes and Whitehead were both members of at the time), Swamp Goblin (featuring Whitehead's former Cygnet Committee bandmates Rik O'Kane and Adrian Webclaw), Disjecta Membra (whose first EP was simply titled The Theta Sessions) and others undoubtedly worthy of a mention here.

Theta also worked in sound design and production for film, which ultimately led to Whitehead's career in this area taking off. Both Daves moved to Auckland, during the latter part of the '90s - Whitehead to work in film fulltime; Lowndes later becoming a software programmer/designer.

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