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The Hum is a radio station that plays primarily Hamilton music, which first broadcast in November 2015. The station broadcasts on 106.7 FM out of the Free FM city studios, a low power FM frequency. The station was initiated and run by Mark Tupuhi. On October 14 2016, The Hum Birthday Party was held at Nivara Lounge.

In August 2017 founder Mark Tupuhi handed the station to Free FM (who had supported the station since 2016), and the station continues broadcasting a mix of local and New Zealand music under the management of Phil Grey with input from Volume Collective and Hamilton Underground Press. Since late 2018, the station has broadcast a hosted show, a Top 10 of new New Zealand songs called Tekau Nga Waiata Pai, hosted by Grey with Rob Shirlow and Ian Duggan of Hamilton Underground Press.

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