NRG Rising

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NRG Rising

NZ's One & Only Fresh Funky Female R&B Reggae Band. Our band NRG Rising! Founded in April 2009 by Brother Truce, (Bevin Hira) Sistah B, (Benita Tahuri) Anahera, (Anahera-Pono Tahuri Whakatope) Honey, (Harete Whariki Tahuri-Whakatope) Shaun Mortensen. Jason Davis joined us soon after and is now rhythm guitarist bringing experience and a magic touch to the sound and feel of the music. We are a 6 piece reggae/r&b band, and our focus is on composing original music and songs. We love to play original music and have a strong focus on this and we also have strongs covers sets to compliment our gigs and an upbeat, fun friendly onstage persona. We play all our original music at every gig, and only play our original music at festivals, or shows. We love to do original reggae music with a destinctly female feel, with the three irie sistahs/ladies fronting the group with their melodious harmonies., and fresh funky reggae flows.

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