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"Evolver" cover art

Matthew Bannister is the vocalist and guitarist for The Weather (2004-2009) and The Changing Same (2009-). He also performs and records as One Man Bannister. Born in Scotland, but spending most of his early life in Dunedin, he is best known as a member of the Flying Nun bands The Sneaky Feelings and Dribbling Darts of Love. During this time, Bannister had played in Hamilton with Sneaky Feelings at Uncle Sams (1985) and Wailing Bongo (1986). In the early 2000s Bannister undertook a PhD in Media Studies through Auckland University, and moved to Hamilton to work at Wintec.

Solo Releases[edit]

  • Moth album - One Man Bannister, 2007
  • Evolver album - One Man Bannister, 2013

Further Reading[edit]

  • Bannister, Matthew (1999) Positively George Street: A Personal History of Sneaky Feelings and the Dunedin Sound. Reed Books, 207pp.
  • Beatles Spirit Evolves by Geoff Lewis, Hamilton Press, 6 November 2013, P13

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