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Introduction to the Htown Music Wiki

Welcome to the all-new Htown music wiki, hosted by the good folk at! Dan Duran requested the domain on May 26 2006 and the site went live on the April 4 2006, at 4:51am. Once we hit 10 or pages or so, we'll get a free top level dot com/net/org domain name registered, so get started! Thanks to's Gian for reminding Dan to get this thing live.

Check out [Help:Contents|Help] to learn how to use the Htown wiki, if you're new to all this. Also, you can learn how to make New Sections.

In the meantime, visit for all your Htown needs and wants!

Hamilton Bands

Hamilton is and has been host to a multitude of bands. From the biggest international hit machines to seldom heard, underground geniuses, the effect and influence of Hamilton music on the NZ scene is undeniable. The bands page is a resource containing information and history on all Hamilton bands, past and present.

Hamilton Live Music Venues

Places to play in Hamilton! What venues are there? What have been peoples' experiences with them?