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i've Wikified myself (it albiet briefly) -- isn't it time redinsect/kreig publishin'/molemusic/woweezowee/every single band in town does likewise?

Perhaps we could find ourselves a suitable image for the front page? Ideas? --GianPerrone 13:55, 5 April 2006 (BST)

With so many categories in big letters, it was looking unweildy, so I shrunk them all. Do you know how to change the pic on the left Gian? --Danduran 10:12, 6 April 2006 (BST)

Looks good, Dan. I might try bolding the headings. If it looks arse change it back. Chur. --Lemon 11:13, 6 April 2006 (BST)

Looks good. --Danduran 13:18, 6 April 2006 (BST)

Question: Are The Datsuns regarded as a Hamilton band or a Cambridge band? If so, then they seem out of place on a Hamilton music knowledge db unless perhaps we wanted to call this a Waikato Band Info/etc. wiki. --Matt 05:25, 10 April 2006 (BST)

Good question. Although I did orginal put "Hamilton and surrounding areas" on the band criteria... how far do you take it though? Up to everyone's discretion I guess. Did they play predominantly in Cambridge or Hamilton? --Lemon 05:48, 10 April 2006 (BST)

Also...the "Bands" title, it seems there are a few Htown solo artists out there that don't actually perform with any one but have produced releases. Not bands as such. i.e. J.Harry.Long, & Craig Williamson's Lamp of the Universe. Chur Irie

The Cambridge thing basically made good press, considering how oppressive and dinky the town is. Apart from a couple of talent quests and Rockquest-criteria-fulfilling 20c lunchtime shows in the school hall, Trinket didn't really play in Cambridge. Although they're all 'from' the town, I seem to recall the band played its early 'local' shows at Hamilton venues, and really found its feet while the members were split between Leamington, Hamilton East and Auckland. I think defining where a band is 'from' is very much a matter of feel or identity. (see also: Mi-Sex, Dragon, it could even be easily argued Split Enz were an Auckland band)-- petra (can't be arsed logging in, sorry)

They def fit here. As Petra said, they played almost all thier shows here; played their initial release parties here; entered battle of the bands competitions here; and some at least lived here at the time. They've probably had more influence and impact on Htown's music scene than Cambridge's :p --Danduran 08:52, 12 April 2006 (BST)

cue 'what music scene' jibes --Petrajane

This is heavily rock-centric. should we do something to accomodate Classical, Jazz, operatic stuff, and get out and make these groups aware of this resource? The HCAC is onto it and spreading the word.

Big ups to thedugganaut, much appreciated and keep it up. -moonjuicehealy

I (thedugganaut) made a unilateral decision to make a Outside Compilations Featuring Hamilton Bands section after no response, but would still like feedback on the following:

I think the site could use a new link from the main page that includes "Hamilton related bands" - e.g., for Misex, Steve Gilpin was from Wellington, and although they had Hamilton members I wouldnt consider them a Hamilton Band. Also, the initial Girlinky contained 2 members of Inchworm and one of Tobermorie, but formed in England (and from recollection have never played here). But obviously have strong Hamilton Links. Maybe it should therefore be titled "Bands with strong Hamilton links" to avoid addition of tenious connections? Any comments?

Im also thinking... is anyone else disapointed with the People page having so many pseudonyms rather than real names? added by thedugganaut, 29 July 2006

Well, the start of this wiki was based in and a lot of people on there are known socially by their user names (I receive mail addressed to Lemon for eff's sake)... so I don't think it's that bad. I like the "hamilton related" section idea. - Lem

I can understand the point you are making re:pseudonums, but shouldn't the wiki be different/seperate from by being less of a "play-around" area and more of an information source? And therefore real names should be used where possible rather than pseudonyms? To clarify, I guess I am pretty happy with pseudonyms where these are what that person is known as in the band and on releases (i.e., they are better known to the audience by this name than their real name, e.g., SS Stormtrooper, and Lemon too I suspect), but this cant be the case for some of names in the list? I could be wrong though - maybe all these are pseudonyms from bands. I guess where it bothers me is 1) where there are first names in the list but their full names are given in the text beneath it (at least 2 examples), and 2) they seem to be pseudonyms, not what they call would themselves in their band (if they are even in a band)... this is a resource about Hamilton bands, and not a resource about people who use, right? - thedugganaut, 3 Aug 2006

Understand your point completely. When the wiki was first made, there was an initial rush by to make their own page here like it was a myspace. Some of them don't even play in bands or have done anything to do with the htown music scene except post on Htown. I'm not sure what to do, perhaps delete them, and if people disagree they'll appear back. It's a wiki... --Danduran 22:26, 3 August 2006 (BST)

I would be happy if you "edited" some of the worst ones, but then i brought it up in the first place... so if anyone else has an opinion... - thedugganaut, 5 August 2006

Would anyone mind if i severely edited the Contact page? I added the early history section some time ago, but there is a lot in there to do with what was happening in 1996 (e.g., various hosts of various shows, and even what was on the top 13!), which is pretty cumbersome to read... Much of what is in the "shows" section (other than the first paragraph) I believe can be moved out to make it more readable. I would put this information on linked pages so that it doesnt get lost completely... yes/no? - thedugganaut, 7 August 2006

Looks good Dugga. My suggestion would be for the separate pages to specify the station is Contact - like the change I made on the Top 13 page for example - I've changed a few, briefly, but yeah, you get what I mean. Cause UFM did a top 13 too.

-dan. -- 13:04, 18 August 2006 (BST)

Fair point - will tidy it a little. I was just happy to get the front page to something more readable. I think the whole site is looking really good - thedugganaut, 19 August 2006

The dugganaut again. We are curently at 205 bands... and the "Bands" page shows only a maximum of 200, meaning you have to click the "next 200" button to see the end of the alphabet. Any suggestions on what we should do to fix this? Mine would be to have, say, 26 categories here - A through Z, which you would have to enter to see each band starting with that letter. But this would require a bit of an overhaul (i.e., re-categorising every band). Im happy to do it, but dont want to attempt it until i get comments that might suggest a better way of getting around the problem (unless i dont get comments...) - added 28 August 2006.

The maximum number 200 may just be an arbitrary setting? Perhaps there is a way to change it? If not, linking to each letter may make browsing the site quite cumbersome.

--- If you think there's gonna be well more than 200, then clicking through to the next 200 shouldn't be too much hassle, compared to 26 categories. If there are only going to be a few on the next page though, then perhaps the categories letters thing would be better. If I went through and added all the bands I can recall well enough from the pages of Clinton, there'll be plenty more. --Danduran 20:51, 28 August 2006 (BST)

Yeah, 26 is extreme. I just dont think it is that obvious currently that there is another page. i.e., you look at the bottom of the list and it is in the "V"s, but there is heaps of empty space below it. Unless you look for the "next 200" you could easily be fooled. I guess when the first page and second page equal out a bit it wont seem such a problem, i.e., when the first page finishes in the "T"s, then it will be obvious there is a second page (I think there are certainly plenty more bands to go in - just see the "no information" page)... Yeah, you have convinced me that the status quo is fine currently. Otherwise, maybe we could think about 3 categories in the future if/when if gets to the point it is spilling into a third page (1-G; H-S, T-Z). -- thedugganaut 29 August.


sorry i did some editing and additions to a few band profiles without realising there was this place where people come and ask if anyone minds if you edit stuff... what with it being a wiki and all i just found this, thought "wahay! cool!" and off i went. :/ mostly i fleshed out the info on Book of Martyrs, The Haunting, Hapukalypse Now, Jonny Armstrong, Stan Jagger, Love & Violence/FALLen, Dept of Corrections... can't remember what else. that ok?

Hey Te Irirangi... there is definitely no need to ask for any permission! - its a wiki, so you can do what you want. You obviously have some great inside knowledge :). Things are really only brought up here when a "major" change may or may not be needed... and just to float ideas before making major changes in case someone disagrees and undoes everything (i.e., to bounce ideas off people before adding/deleting categories, etc). Your changes are wicked. Keep them coming I say. - thedugganaut 3/10/06

sweet. :) Today I've added entries for the Book of Martyrs releases 'Catharsis' and 'Purified Seven Times' and done a fairly extensive entry on Paul Tregilgas and also added a profile for Cosmic Ska Child... I think I filled in some blanks on Wonderbug (re: bassist Otis Williams), made a small addendum to the Terror Couple page, and have probably done a bunch of minor corrections somewhere else along my travels. I'll add something for Gas soon and possibly Requiem, and may update the Cygnet Committee entry a little. I'm continually reminded of bands to add to Stan Jagger's list as I go along. St Lucy and Rose Petals and Confetti are both entries I can add some more info to. At some point I will attempt 'people' entries on Paul Oakley, Chris Paki, Dave Whitehead, Alan Deare and others. I see you added a Disjecta Membra entry, I will make some corrections and additions to that too if that's ok. - Te Irirangi 3/10/06