Jason Skelton

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Jason Skelton is a powerhouse vocalist and guitarist who started in Te Awamutu band Greenfield, with schoolmates Isaac Thackray (guitar), Michael Thackray (drums) and Wayne Hall (bass). He left this band to join well established band No X Cuse, with Calvin Sycamore (guitar/vocals/flute), Jim Murch (bass/vocals) and John Dill (drums), until their demise in 1994. In 1995 he joined another Hamilton band, Head First, as a guitarist. At the time the line up was Eddie Chappell (vocals), Scott Philip (guitar), Aaron Judd (bass) and John Dill (drums), but two lead vocalist's later Skelton had taken over on vocals. In late 1997 Skelton joined Blackjack, replacing Kerry LeLievre, releasing Occult Ritual in 1998. Jason now plays both solo and in V.H.F, with Aaron Judd (bass) and Tamati Meredith (drums).