Down by the Riverside

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2007 composition by Jeremy Mayall from the movie Down by the Riverside on One Fat Man Productions.


Down by the Riverside cover art
  1. A childish bush walk (opening sequence)
  2. The driver's path (titles)
  3. Amelia's theme
  4. An office in film noir
  5. The journey begins
  6. A dark room...
  7. The long road continues
  8. Peeling potatoes
  9. Meeting the father
  10. Kahu's theme
  11. Searching the House
  12. Unwillingly dragged away
  13. Scary Sounds Surround me
  14. Amelia searches
  15. A slap in the face
  16. The birth of a boy
  17. Children taken from Children
  18. Tears of loss
  19. Hiding in the fireplace
  20. Footsteps and noises

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