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A Typical Day in Suburbia art
Jeremy Mayall (born November, 1983) is a Hamilton based composer best known for his Symphony No 1 for Orchestra and Turntables, which was recorded with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, and the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, and performed by the Wellington Youth Orchestra in May 2005. He has also composed a number of film soundtracks, one of which has been released on CD (Down by the Riverside). He also released an album titled A Typical Day in Suburbia (as One Fat Man).

Mayall was schooled in music from age five playing piano, attended Hamilton Boys High School, and toured Fiji, Noumea and Vanuatu singing and playing drums in a Jazz Band. He then moved on to Waikato University to study for a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Music. In January 2014 he moved to Dunedin to study at Otago University, funded by a Mozart Fellowship.

Selected Composer Filmography[edit]

  • Hunter, 2011
  • Lucid, 2011
  • Lily White, 2011
  • Finding Marilyn in Castel del'Aquila, 2010
  • Garden of Eva, 2010
  • Beat, 2009
  • They No Longer Sleep Alone, 2009
  • Open Home, 2008
  • Down by the Riverside, 2007
  • Pictures of You, 2007
  • Late Night Specials, 2006
  • Le Kiss de la Fox, 2006
  • Private Eyes, 2004

Published Articles[edit]

  • Mayall scores year-long gig at University by Geoff Lewis, Hamilton Press, 11 December 2013, P21

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