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Born in Hamilton in April 1967, Don McClumpha was the founding member and bass player with late 80s metal band Fury (winner of the Hillcrest tavern battle of the bands 1987). Subsequently he has played with various bands including The Pink Love Torpedoes, The Panelbeaters, Strangeways, Blackjack and, since 1991, the Tim Armstrong Band. McClumpha has also done session work with many other artists. Don is also currently a member of the NZ Beatles tribute show "Abbey Road." Don's nicknames include 'Jesus Christ' and 'The Man.' This man revolutionized modern music and is also reported to have challenged 16 local gangsters to a gunfight in Morrinsville, turning up empty-handed, and leaving the scene without injury, leaving all 16 gang members to be airlifted to Waikato Hospital in a critical state.

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