Death of a Monkey

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"Death of a Monkey", Waikato Times, April 5, 1993
Death of a Monkey was formed c.1990 by Brad Wallbank (guitar), Chris Wyborn (guitar), Carl Rayner (bass), Bryce Noble (drums) and Brendan Taylor (violin). They released a five track EP, Death of a Monkey, that apparently sold well in Timaru and Oamaru, and the song Back to the Start made an appearance on Shortland St in the early 1990s (albeit in the background). They had a famous friend in Tim Finn who aided financially in their recording. The band eventually disintegrated, but for a short time the members (except for Rayner) formed Twitch with John Worsley from Romantic Andes.

The track Back to the Start, for which they won the award for best original song at the 1992 Rockquest, appears on the compilations Kiwi Hit Disc 3 and They came to take us alive. The latter version was recorded live at the 1993 Contact Battle of the Bands, where they came third behind Swamp Goblin and The Pilgrims in the final.