Chris Thompson (Anthology)

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Chris Thompson (Anthology) cover art

Chris Thompson (Sunbeam Records SBR2CD5078) is an anthology of twenty-six songs by Chris Thompson (three of which are settings of lyric poems by Yeats, Longfellow and Christina Rossetti). It is a re-issue of Chris' original self-titled 1973 debut album for Village Thing Records (U.K.) Ltd., plus out-takes, alternate takes and ten bonus tracks chosen from subsequent New Zealand albums like Hometown Voodoo, Song for Laura, Coffee Break and For my Double. Following a re-union concert featuring many of the artists that had been on the Village Thing label, held in London in 2010 (with musicians like Wizz Jones, Derroll Adams, Dave Evans et al), Sunbeam Records approached Chris and invited him to work with them to assemble a double CD based around what they have called "One of the best Acid-Folk albums of the Seventies". It not only contains the original recordings of songs like "London Blues" and "The River Song" and Chris' collaborations with Indian, English and Irish musicians, but incorporates examples of Chris' more country and blues influenced work, like "Hamilton" and "We need Oil", and humorous songs that have proved popular like "Barcelona" and "Chop Suey Blues". There are 13 or 14 other musicians on the album, including Chris' daughter Lora (who plays bass on "When I am Dead" - the lyric poem by Christina Rossetti), and Brendan Power (harmonica virtuoso), who has played with Sting and Ray Charles, from Auckland, now living in England (on "Heart Attack Blues").


  1. Hugo Spellman
  2. The Song of Wandering Aengus
  3. De Debil Take De Blue-Tail Fly!
  4. The River Song
  5. London Blues
  6. Her Hair Was Long
  7. Young Lust
  8. Love
  9. The River Song [Alt. Take 1] - (alternate take)
  10. The River Song [Alt. Take 2] - (alternate take)
  11. Love [Alt. Take] - (alternate take)
  12. Dream
  13. Don't Be Afraid
  14. Back in the City - (alternate take)
  15. Hamilton
  16. Vox Populi
  17. Heart Attack Blues
  18. Barcelona
  19. Sunday Lunch
  20. The Terror of the Spanish Main
  21. When I Am Dead
  22. Chop Suey Blues (The Opium Song)
  23. Little Ballerina
  24. As I Walked Out
  25. Where Is My Wild Rose?
  26. We Need Oil
  27. Untitled

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