Battle of the Bands 1994

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The 1994 Battle of the Bands was run by Contact 89FM and held at the Wailing Bongo. The winners of each heat are denoted with an asterisk(*). For heats 2, 3 and the final, the bands are listed in the order they played; order is unknown for the remaining heats

Ad for BOB final 1994

Heat 1 - July 20
Bwa da Riddim
Chaos Engine

Heat 2 - July 28
Love and Violence*

Heat 3 - August 4
World Cup Soccer
Boil Up
Armice Pumbpit*

Heat 4 - August 11
The Nerve
The Postlethwaites
Romantic Andes*
Waxing Nixies

Final - August 19
Twitch - SECOND
Love and Violence
Armice Pumbpit
Romantic Andes - FIRST
Boil Up - THIRD

Aquarium and Boil Up were wild card entries to the final.