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"Bandfandango" poster

Bandfandango was an event held at Nivara Lounge on 20 August 2016, organised by Hamilton Underground Press. The concept of the event was that musicians that did not know each other put their names in a hat, they got drawn out, and four new bands were formed. The draw was made on 28 May, giving the bands three months to write new songs. Each band played three originals and a cover. The night finished with a performance by The Scones.


  • Hippo Crypts: Wairehu Grant (guitar, vocals), Lott Larsson (bass), Rob Shirlow (drums)
  • Kandy Finish: Andrew Bramwell, Matthew Rae (guitar), Jeff Hawkes (bass)(Kat Waswo was initially a member, but withdrew before the event)
  • Cardio Farce: Austin Spare (programming, keyboards), Mark Tupuhi (guitar), Khloe Francessca (vocals)
  • Closet Octopus: Sam Kimber-Bell (guitar, vocals), Macaila Eve (violin), Nathan Bregmen (dums), Alex Keegan (bass)