The Fool of Fountain City

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The Fool of Fountain City

The Fool of Fountain City is the debut LP of Dynamo Go. It was released by Waysafe Records on April Fools Day 2009 as a free MP3 or FLAC download from their official website. The launch party was held at Ward Lane on April 3rd, 2009, with The Dusk and No Fixed Abode. A small quantity of physical copies were printed for this release. Each of the CD copies were individually numbered.


Additional Musicians



  1. Crying On My Street (Perrone)
  2. Fountain City (Johnston/Perrone)
  3. Route 17 (Perrone)
  4. Frozen To The Bone (Perrone/Johnston)
  5. Already Met Your Mother (Perrone/Johnston)
  6. Headrush (Perrone)
  7. Johnny the Punk (Perrone/Johnston)
  8. Sad Again (Perrone)
  9. You Fell From The Sky (Perrone)
  10. Nothing Ever Happens (Perrone)
  11. What Went Wrong? (Perrone)
  12. Final Reunion (Johnston/Perrone)

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