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The Colds formed in the early hours of 2002 over a Speights-fuelled New Year's Eve party conversation between Petra Jane and Wendyhouse's Daniel Powell (AKA E.E. Monk), in Thom Burton's parents' back yard. The two realised a shared love of Flying Nun's rough-and-ready early bands, and planned to form a band that was equal parts tribute to, and parody of, the famed Dunedin Sound. Daniel provided the appropriately sloppy guitar jangle and nasal vocal delivery, and Petra the thumping bass and flicky token-bass-chick hair. Daniel's flatmate and long-time collaborator Snakebeings was soon enlisted for his proximity and his similarity to Hamish Kilgour's drumming style.

With Daniel soon to move to Europe, The Colds decided to record two of their songs for posterity: 'Beach Sky Cathedral' and the instrumental 'Rampage Of The Lemmings' (the latter named by Petra's infamous brother Cambridge Carl). The two tracks were recorded live (using "Emit Snakebeings patented Chunk-O-Sound technology") on three tracks of a broken 4-track in the lounge of Memorial Drive. True to the Flying Nun-referencing ethos of the band, the single's cover art devised by Daniel is a parody of The Chills' 'Doledrums/Hidden Bay' 7", while the collaged and typewritten back cover was intended to resemble early record inserts by The Clean.

The Colds played one show before Daniel's departure, in the lounge a house party at Memorial Drive in front of a wall of flickering television screens. In typically close-knit Hamilton style, the band played after Thom Burton's band Absinthe, stumbling through three original songs and a cover of The Clean's surfrock-ish instrumental 'Fish'.

Daniel is now married with children and living in Germany. A The Colds reunion is therefore unlikely in the near future, but can not been ruled out.

True to the spirit of 'lost recordings' on the Flying Nun label (The Chills' Lost EP for instance), CD-Rs of the recordings were burned but never assembled.