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Tandys sticker (photo by Dujon Cullingford)
Tandys advert, 1977

Tandys was a franchise music store with a long history in Hamilton, owned by Neil Nooyen. From the 1970s until 1988 the shop was located on the corner of Ward and Victoria Streets (461 Victoria St); this was sold and became Tracs. Another shop was located in Hamilton East until the early 1990s, when it moved premises to inside the Centreplace mall. In the early 2000s it shifted to just outside the main entrance to the mall, where it remained until closing and being re-branded as a CD and DVD Store in 2005 and Marbecks in 2009.

This particular store was notable for resisting the generic imperative of mainstream music franchises by keeping less mainstream artists in stock and giving them good display space and promotion.

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