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This page was getting too much vandalism, so I have had to protect it from unregistered users. I will be able to unprotect it at a later date, if anyone needs it - let me know here --Thedugganaut 09:19, 16 June 2009 (NZST)

Hi it's Michel from Disjecta Membra here. Personally I think you should just let people say whatever it is they have to say. People say all sorts of things about us/me, none of it especially bothers me. I'm not gonna sue the site for libel or anything! Leave it unprotected, I reckon. The Wiki format enables you to easily edit or undo anything, so I don't think it should be treated as some sort of big deal. I quite like reading bizarre stories etc - I keep a record of them. ;)

Second thoughts: I just realised that you were probably talking about SPAM! And there I was being all self-important. Ignore me. As you were. :) Nonetheless, I should quite like to be able to edit this page, since it's boring and full of shit. :)

Just create an account and you will be able to edit it - it is only protected from anonymous IP address' modifying it. Im dealing with a bunch of spam every day - while im trying to avoid protecting too many pages, it does get to the point where im spending more time here fixing vandalism than adding new content. Since protecting this page it has gone from several hundred hits to almost 8000, and most of those new hits will be a bot attempting to vandalise it --Thedugganaut 08:20, 30 July 2009 (NZST)-