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Former bass-player for Mobile Stud Unit. SS Stormtrooper was the fanboy who made good - his deep love of MSU eventually earnt him a place in the band. SS Stormtrooper was possibly the most politically and socially conservative musician in MSU's sordid history, and it was possibly this conservatism that led to the Stormtrooper's need to be more shocking than any of his bandmates. Hyper-revulsion techniques, such as strategically placing poo-stained undies on the stage during a gig, struck many as being contrived, though because SS Stormtrooper was so big and scary Aryan-looking that nobody ever told him. SS Stormtrooper was particularly famous for getting in a fight during a gig at the Hilly in which he used his bass as a weapon and played on with blood streaming down his face after getting smacked.

When Mobile Stud Unit held its tenth anniversary gig in 2004, SS Stormtrooper made an appearance and lived up to his disgusting reputation by throwing a dead pig's head into the audience. A woman caught it, not realising what it was until she saw the blood on her hands. SS later organised a rugby scrum with the pig's head as the ball. The Stormtrooper was delighted and this incident appears to have satiated his lust for scare tactics, as he is now rarely seen at MSU gigs and works in marketing.

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