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Purified Seven Times (BOMB02) - Book of Martyrs - 1991, BOMB Records
The follow-up to 1989's Catharsis, Purified Seven Times was recorded at Tandy's Studio in Hamilton, and engineered by prominent local producer Zed Brookes. The masters were then sent to Wellington where they were mixed and mastered by Nick Roughan (of Skeptics fame - also regular producer/collaborateur of Gordons and Bailterspace) at former home of the Skeptics Writhe Recording Studio.

Capturing the definitive Book of Martyrs line-up of Jonathan Armstrong (vocals, drums, whirley pipe, various percussion), Stan Jagger (guitars), Justine Francis (violin) and Alan Deare (bass, vocals, guitar), Purified Seven Times also features guest appearances from co-founding member Sarah Knight (cello, bass on Skin in Blue), backing vocals from Gillian Woods on Halo, backing vocals on Urban Jangle by Malcolm Lofroth and keyboards on Skin in Blue from producer Zed Brookes.

Released on the band's own label, BOMB Records, the inner sleeve features band photography, complete lyrics, credit and thank-you lists that read like a 'who's who' of H-town at the time, and artwork by Andrew White for 'Weird Press'.

Their final full-length release, Purified Seven Times coupled with 1992's Will Shiver and 1993's The Man That Said brought Book of Martyrs an unprecedented level of acclaim from all corners of the New Zealand music scene, and arguably stands as the ultimate testament to a rare "classic" Hamilton band at their peak.



  • Urban Jangle
  • Skittle
  • Wardrobe on a Seascape
  • Anvil


  • Skin in Blue
  • Purified Seven Times
  • Her Honey
  • Halo

Record Label[edit]

BOMB Records