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Plop Recordings produced a large number of cassette and vinyl releases in the mid-1990s, including by Armpit, Pumice, the Crawdads and CJA. The recordings, in general, had low sound quality, and were commonly not appreciated more widely than amongst the musicians in the bands on the label itself. They released several compilations, including Nice and Plopathon, the latter recorded at Contact 89FM during a nine hour live-to-air on April 18 1994. In addition, they produced eight issues of the zine Plop it Up and had a documentary ("Plopumentary") made about them by Greg Page.

Plop Discography[edit]

Life Sux - A Tribute To GG Allin (cassette, Plop 00)
Thee Ideal Gus - Live '88 (cassette, Plop 01)
Grommet - Grommet (cassette, Plop 02)
Chunky Pizzle - The Baked Bean Incident (cassette, Plop 03)
CJA/Sido Not Dead - Headache (cassette, Plop 04)
Various - Nice: A Plop Compilation (cassette, Plop 05)
Teen-X-Ray - Ballad Of Vince Neil (cassette, Plop 06)
Teen-X-Ray - Reckless (cassette, Plop 07)
Dribbly Cat Attraction - D.C.A. (C90, Plop 08)
The Crawdads - Live (lathe cut 8", Plop 09)
Dr. Fil - I Wanna Take Your Dick Shit Pills Fuck (cassette, Plop 10)
Armpit - Sex Machine (lathe cut 8", Plop 11)
CJA - Inferior (C10, Plop 12)
Armpit - Give It A Good Wash (cassette, Plop 13)
The Postlethwaites - Live (C10 Plop 14)
Various - Plopathon compilation (cassette, Plop 15)
CJA - Heart (lathe cut 7" EP, Plop 16)
MiButt - Dolphin Music My Arse (cassette, Plop 17)
The Crawdads - Try Burning This Asshole (cassette, Plop 18)
Teen-X-Ray - Joys Of Pig Hunting (double cassette, Plop 19)
Teen-X-Ray - Steves Recipe (cassette, Plop 20)
Armpit - Byk (cassette, Plop 21)
Willis - Willis cassette (cassette, Plop 22)
Scud/Armice Pumbpit - Go Get Em Boys split (lathe cut 10", Plop 23)
Us-Holes - Make Funny Noises (cassette, Plop 24)
The Crawdads - Kill For Peace (C20, Plop 25)
Armpit - Mars Brew (cassette, Plop 26)
Pumice - Yi-Jun (cassette, Plop 27)
Sgt Dion Of The Yukon - Moral Market Day (cassette, Plop 28)
Teen-X-Ray - Emin Pasha (=Angst?; cassette, Plop 29)
Thee Ideal Gus vs Cemetary - Shalom split (cassette, Plop 30)

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