Inside the Wireless

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Album cover art

This compilation was a limited release free cassette of live recordings given away to the first 50 Contact 89FM subcard holders at the 1993 Discordia Concors release party. All recordings were made from "live-to-air" performances at Contact 89FM.

Track Listing[edit]

Hand of Glory - Chromatic tune, 16 Tonnes, Erin's horn
The Postlethwaites - Intro, Disbelieve, Exhortation of Fear, Portrait
Mobile Stud Unit - BOB, CC's, Fat Policeman
Romantic Andes - Sketches in the Sand, Anaconda Funky Limbo Music, As This
Swamp Goblin - THC, Toxic Love, White Trash God, John Luca's Lady
Spatula Death - Crystaline Waters in the Fields of your Love, Hardcore Song, I Know
Dribbly Cat Attraction - Guss' Mum, Coo'er Gosh, T.J. Hooker and Romano hit the Streets with Awesome Power, Pineneedles