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Bio Psycho Social - November 2003

EP by St Lucy, released 2003.


  1. Driving To Mary
  2. Armpits (And Other Bits)
  3. Her
  4. Shiny Dancer
  5. Driving To Mary (TRILLION REMIX)
  6. Driving To Mary (DEADLY BAR-B-QUE REMIX)
  7. Driving To Mary (ODB Barbershop Remix)


Disc also features the following bonus mp3 content:

  • decaff mp3 folder:

contains the Why We Hate Decaff (and assorted tales) EP, plus 6 unreleased out-takes

  • loyal mp3 folder:

contains the Loyal? EP (including the 4 songs from Live @ The Temple)

  • misc folder:

contains 34 mp3s comprising demos and live recordings by Jah'na, Mark Tupuhi, and St Lucy, including alternate versions of numerous tracks, and previously unreleased songs

  • schrodingers cat mp3 folder:

contains the Joe's Brain EP

  • wonderbug mp3 folder:

contains 8 previously unreleased Wonderbug tracks

plus a PICTURES folder containing live shots, promo shots and posters.

Record Label[edit]

She'll Be Right Records

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