Ain't that the Truth

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2003 CD compilation released by Pirongia Mountain Music.


"Aint that the Truth cover art
  1. Assembly Line - Johnny and the Phantoms
  2. Colourful - Jel
  3. Empty Song - Pirongia Mountain Men
  4. Motocycle Pilot - Jel
  5. Don't Wanna Be - Pirongia Mountain Men
  6. Dan's Song - Jel
  7. That's Bad - Pirongia Mountain Men
  8. Sunday Morning Blues - The Blues Animals
  9. Lotto Card Blues - Pirongia Mountain Men
  10. On my Knees - Isaac Thackary Band
  11. Earth Moves - Downbeat Jammers
  12. Twilight Child Pirongia Mountain Men
  13. These Days - Pirongia Mountain Men
  14. Mereira - Wes Thatcher

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