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The library of The University of Waikato holds a large collection of CDs, videos and DVDs. Borrowing is restricted to university students, staff and "approved borowers" such as alumni and visiting scholars; they can borrow videos and CDs for 14 days, DVDs for three, free of charge (fines will be incurred for late returns).

The CD collection is primarily classical or modern orchestral, though small numbers of pop, rock, jazz and reggae CDs are available. Special concentrations of the collection are Te Reo Maori recordings, from traditional songs to contemporary Maori reggae, and children's educational or entertainment recordings. The CD selection is also home to some of the more unusual local and New Zealand acts such as Wendyhouse and the Serious Ukelele Ensemble.

The DVD collection serves as a resource for the students of the university's Screen and Media department and is therefore one of the best collections of films available in Hamilton.

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