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TC1 cover art

Taking its name from Terror Couple Kill Colonel - an early single by pioneering UK gothic band Bauhaus - Terror Couple was the name of a collective that compiled the 1989 cassette release TC1. TC1 was touted by Nexus as being the first compilation of Hamilton music (although see Suicide City 86-87). The collective was instigated by members of two Hamilton bands, Cygnet Committee and Requiem. Sean Lynch, Daniel Allen, Dave Whitehead and Dave Lowndes co-ordinated the recording of the bands.

Appearing on the cassette were Creepy Crawlies, Circle and the Square, Cygnet Committee, Aesthetic Cigarette, Requiem, Pieces of Cod, Scharnhorst, Grant and Allen, Homonculus Split and Cowgacid. It was sold from the Contact 89FM office.

Dave Whitehead and Dave Lowndes then went on to form the production company Theta Productions during the early-mid '90s.

Published Articles

  • Terror Couple compilation review, Nexus, 13 June 1989, P16