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Sohl, 2007

Sohl Bar opened c. 2001, and grew into one of Hamilton's favourite music venues. Unlike many of its contemporaries, Sohl was open as a bar on nights it wasn't also hosting shows, a small distinction that gained Sohl a loyal patronage amongst musicians and gig-goers, and, in turn, contributed to its highly regarded familial atmosphere.

The business had been on the market for much of 2006, and in late December it was finally announced that Sohl had been sold, and would not continue to serve as a bar and venue. The January 2007 "Final Sohl Bar Show Ever" marked the end of Sohl as an instutution amongst the Hamilton music community.

Waikato Times article previewing the final Sohl gig, January 13 2007

The bar provided a combined $100 rider for the evening's performers, the band retained the full door take, and its location was excellent for foot traffic. There was no in-house PA, so needed to be provided by the bands. However, as Sohl was a small venue, only a small PA was required.

Sohl, early 2000s.jpg

Sohl Bar regularly played host to Hamilton bands, as well as many NZ and International bands.

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