Romantic Andes

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A very popular local live band in the early 1990's, the Romantic Andies met at the University of Waikato's Bryant Hall, initially calling themselves Giant Jack and the Codpieces. The band went through a number of lineup changes over several years.

An early recording appeared on the 1993 compliation Discordia Concors with the song Anaconda Funky Limbo, featuring the popular sing-along lyrics "Bob Marley used to sing this song". The lineup at this time comprised Dylan Parry (vocals, jewish harp, percussion), John Worsely (acoustic guitar, vocals, percussion, toilet), Brendan White (acoustic bass, backing vocals), Hayden Biglow (Cello, backing vocals), Dan Hodgekinson (drums) and Demelza Locke (backing vocals, percussion).

They released an album in 1994 titled To Understand the Animals. By this time the lineup had evolved to John Worsely, Dylan Parry, Hayden Biglow,Mike Clarkin (drums) and Tim Hansen (bass). A crowd favourite at this time was "Half a World Away"

Their first major gig was supporting Jan Hellriegel.