Don Llewellens

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"Don Llewellyns", August 2006, formerly "The Pavillion" and "the Rec Centre"

Don Llewellens is located at The University of Waikato, off Silverdale Rd at Gate 3, near the Faculty of Education. The building was initially the "Student Amenities Building", later known as the "Recreation Centre", situated next to what was then the Waikato Teachers College. Even during its time as the Rec Centre, it hosted bands such as OK Dinghy.

It was opened as a bar following the construction of the new recreation centre near the central campus, and acted largely as a "sports bar". The walls were lined with honours boards of past students who had represented New Zealand sporting teams, and representative jerseys donated by these sportspeople. The bar was rebranded in the mid-2000s as The Home Bar, and then Don Llewellens, a.k.a. the Don, named after the universities first vice-chancellor, with the emphasis on sport greatly reduced.