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Ancient Tapes 'Demo'

Demo Cassette (a.k.a. Promo Tape), released in May 2017, is a promotional EP of songs by Ancient Tapes. It was sold at gigs as a cassette with the aim of funding the recording of an album, and is also available as a a digital download via Bandcamp. Although not named on the cassette cover, a coupon inserted within the cassette packaging for redemption on Bandcamp gives the title as Demo Cassette. However, the title on Bandcamp provides the name of the EP as Promo Tape. A music video for Brighter, produced by Gareth Schott, was released to promote the release. The EP was mixed and mastered by Cameron Reid.


  1. Can't Change 03:45
  2. Brighter 04:44
  3. Heartshaped 03:54
  4. Every Word She Said 02:12

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  • Music Video for Brighter [1]
  • Digital Download of the Promo Tape [2]