Coffee Break

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Coffee Break was an album released by Chris Thompson in 1993 on Manu.


  1. Hamilton
  2. Vagabonds
  3. Heart disease
  4. And of this, let me tell my love
  5. The road to Raglan
  6. Down on the old plantation
  7. Dr. Bartell’s famous Wheezma
  8. Chris’ piano thing
  9. Ed Deane
  10. Faraway drum
  11. Tell me, pretty baby
  12. Only one way out of town
  13. Sexy blues
  14. The Greek dance
  15. I know what it’s like
  16. Room with a view
  17. We need oil
  18. Dynamite
  19. All the rain fell down
  20. The tide goes in, the tide goes out

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