This Night Creeps/Love Like... Electrocution Spilt EP

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This Night Creeps released this split EP with Love Like... Electrocution (A band from Australia) in 2005.
This Night Creeps tracks recorded 2003, at Wintec Studio.
LLE tracks recorded early 2004, in Adelaide.


This Night Creeps:
Mark Brenndorfer: Guitar, Vocals, Synth
Steve Uren: Drums
Luke McPake: Vocals, Guitar
Jeff Burch: Bass, Vocals, Synth

Love Like... Electrocution:
Brett: Vocals
Thomas: Vocals
David: Bass
Garth: Guitars
Sebastien: Guitars
Rowan: Drums


  1. Love Like... Electrocution - Love Always, Your Dearest Klaus Kinski
  2. Love Like... Electrocution - Drowning, in a Sea of Pressed Shirts and Conscientious Suntans
  3. This Night Creeps - Channel Surfed Our Way to Epilepsy
  4. This Night Creeps - Surfboards In Indian Country
  5. This Night Creeps - Untitled Film Still

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