They Came from out of Nowhere

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CD compilation of Hamilton "extreme" music, recorded by bands between the late 1980s to mid-2000s.


  1. Intorment - Revolt to exile, Down in the Pentagram
  2. Animosity - Fur is murder, Animal Torture, Demon (Septic Death), The Slaughter Continues
  3. F.I.C. - Cold room, Fucking Intense Chaos
  4. Enshrine - My Tongue a Window, Mountains, These Works of War, For the Devil’s Grin
  5. Revile - Aprocryphal Revelations
  6. S Club Satan - Disco Disciples of Onan, Partisan Sphagnum Processor
  7. Gore Story - Into the Void, Vortex of Fear, Burst Command til War (Sodom)
  8. Diezeugen - Silent Baby, Untitled
  9. Sinfeeder - Beach Combing, Human Smorgasboard, Vaginal Hangover
  10. Ruin - None of the Bells and Whistles
  11. Blasphantom - Piss my Name into your Black Book Pages, Erect for Unspeakable Union
  12. Dabunka - John Banks, A in a Circle
  13. The Nightmares - Divine Bullshit, Made to Wreck
  14. Atavistic - Effigy, Hypocrite, Promethean