The Mad Love

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The Mad Love was a 2004 album by 48 May released on Festival. The 2005 "Tour Edition" was released without the track "Leather and Tattoos", following a threat from American band Bowling for Soup due to its similarity to thier song Punk Rock 101.


"The Mad Love" cover art
  1. Leather and Tattoos
  2. The Window
  3. Come Back Down
  4. Always
  5. Home By 2
  6. Fight Back
  7. Pokerface
  8. Passing By
  9. Mexico
  10. Take Your Time
  11. Spinning Around
  12. Into the Sun

The Mad Love Tour edition features two bonus tracks, but lacks Leather and Tattoos:

  1. Things That Fall Apart, featuring Kid Deft (Fast Crew)
  2. Soldier On