She's Lost

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"She's Lost: an Underground New Zealand Music Recovery Expedition" was a 2007 "internet only" compilation featuring Disjecta Membra. It features dark-alt/industrial/electro/experimental artists covering New Zealand songs.


She's Lost cover art
  1. Melody Fallen - Pink Frost (The Chills)
  2. The Fanatics - Adults and Children (The Gordons)
  3. Nullity - Room that Echoes (Peking Man)
  4. The Mercy Cage - Expecting to Fly (Headless Chickens)
  5. This Theory of Static - Fuji (Minuit)
  6. Greg Danger - Affco (The Skeptics)
  7. System/Statik (feat. Michel) - Pulsing (The Body Electric)
  8. Betashine - The Great Escape (The Chills)
  9. N.U.T.E - Cheryl Moana Marie (John Rowles)
  10. Hog Haul Valentine - Lamotta (The Skeptics)
  11. Disjecta Membra - Walking in Light (Th' Dudes)