Seddon Park

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Named after the former New Zealand Prime Minister Richard John (King Dick) Seddon, Seddon Park is Hamilton's international cricket ground. It has gone under several alternative names: Trust Bank Park (1990-1997), WestpacTrust Park (1997-2003) and Westpac Park (2003-2006). In 2006, Westpac Trust Bank ended its sponsorship, and the ground reverted to its original name of Seddon Park.

Major gigs there included The Dave Clark Five and The Seekers on 8 June 1965, Smokey Robinson on 1 November 1981, Little River Band on 16 February 1983, ZZ Top on 16 April 2011, Good Charlotte on 17 April 2011, and INXS in 21 April 2012. The Edge's Summer Jam was held at WestpacTrust Park on 4 March 2001.