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Nigel Stewart was born and raised in Te Awamutu in the mid late 1970s, and relocated to Hamilton in February 1990, where upon he attended Hillcrest High School. He has been involved in radio and design in Hamilton.


  • 1996: Joined Contact 89FM as a volunteer announcer.
  • 1997: Joined Supersonic Soundsystem Thursdays with a Drum and Bass show.
  • 1998: Left Contact 89FM to travel.
  • 1999: Went to Wanaka for a month and did daily slots on Radio Wanda (88.2FM), and guested on the weekly Hip Hop show a couple of times. He then went on to join UFM as a volunteer announcer taking over the Biosphere show previously hosted by DJ Paul Meder. This show was co-hosted by Callum August, and the name was changed to Telatram 1, a mis-spelling of Transformers character Teletraan 1.
  • 2000: Joined UFM as paid staff, hosting the Midnight to Dawn show. Nigel also then went on to fill in the role as Copy Writer left vacant by Martin Walters.
  • 2000: Along with all other staff, was made redundant from UFM.
  • 2005: Had a weekly slot on Raglan Community Radio.
  • 2009, 2010: Guests on Tinny Mission show on Contact.


  • 1990s: Designed various flyers for bits and bobs.
  • 2000: Did design work for UFM, and Beats Promotional Collective (BPC).
  • 2001: Worked for Tom Dalton at the Waikato Student Union as a Freelance Graphic Designer. In the same year Nigel went on to provide his services to Dan Howard at Click Sound.
  • 2002: Undertook design internship at KOG Transmissions in Auckland, producing a limited edition K.O.G. and Low Profile Drum & Bass T-Shirt.

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